Levitan rubber sole compatibility

Levitan rubber sole is compatible with most of jumping stilts models. Poweriser is compatible since 2013. With older models and 7LeagueBoots and PowerSkip you have 2 solutions:

  1. Get rid of gum from old original sole and drill 4 holes for Levitan rubbber.
  2. Replace old sole by new poweriser sole.

What you get?

Next time you don't have to disassemble half of shoes. You only change the rubber sole, holded by 4 screws.
Levitan rubber lasts much longer, than original rubber soles.

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Levitan rubber sole is compatible to these jumping stilts: SpeedJumper, PowerStrider, Skyrunner, Worker and its mutations, as Pro-Jump, Up-Wing, or Jolly Jumper. If you have new all ruber sole, you need to buy aluminium part between spring and rubber sole.

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PowerStrider gumové vs. hliníkové kopýtko