HOW TO MOUNT rubber sole on powerisers

Pitch thread does not match exactly the holes in the aluminum hoof, which is the intention. It fits much better than this way. Also screws doesn't produce undesirable noise during jumping.

You can also use special screw glue.

  1. Screw first two rear bolts about a half               
  2. Have another screw and push the sole of the country               
  3. Under constant pressure drag toward one another, thus sole slightly cocked and the bolt locks into the insert               
  4. in the same way and tighten the screw from the middle of the fourth               
  5. little by little tighten all screws

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  1. Thread the first screw about 2 threads               
  2. Gradually screw the 2 remaining screws and threads while you may have to slightly stretch the soles               
  3. Beware of overtightening in the case of helical screw               
  4. Remember to use both washers

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